Waterdog Charters

captain_thomas_c_henryThe man recognized as Waterdog Charters lived in St Michaels, Maryland, was known as an avid outdoors man, hunter, and fisherman. An accomplished attorney, Tom had developed a passion for the water while fishing the Chesapeake Bay, and offshore of Ocean City Maryland. He shared his passion with all those who came into contact with him. He was a teacher to those that wanted to become duck guides, associates that wanted to become first class fishing mates, and anglers who became close friends.

Most of all, he was a devoted husband.

Tom fished the offshore waters of the Atlantic, south to Jupiter, the warm waters of the Bahama chain, to the crystal clear waters of the famous North Drop in St Thomas, targeting tuna and blue marlin for all is chartered guests and friends.

Friends and mates such as Doug Ramey, Chad Meeks, and many others will always cherish the time they spent on the Waterdog with Tom.

waterdog_charter_boatCaptain Thomas C. Henry, 61, of Jupiter, FL passed away in a tragic boat accident on September 5, 2010. His wife Patricia, passed away on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 soon after Tom’s tragic death.

May the legacy of Captain Tom Henry and Waterdog Charters live on and continue as an inspiration to others.