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Wahoo FishingMany years ago we were fortunate enough to meet Ronnie Shatmann and Walker Holcomb, thank goodness not at the same time. These two guys wrote the book on wahoo fishing, and I’ve been hooked ever since our first conversations. Since then we have gone on to fish some of the best wahoo waters in the world including Australia. The Reel Candy Sportfishing team have been guiding anglers to trophy wahoo for the last 15 years.

Hard fighting, with long high speed runs, these fish are truly exciting gamefish. Wahoo cruise the waters all year whether you are fishing Jupiter, Florida or in the Abacos, from Walkers Cay to Treasure Cay, from Marsh Harbour to the Hole in the Wall, and islands south like San Salvador, Bahamas, but the season really starts in October. During November, December and thru March, the bite is exceptional with multiple bites daily. Fish are caught mostly in the 25 to 60 pound range with a few hitting the 100 pound mark.

Wahoo Fishing CharterPackages are all custom designed by Reel Candy Sportfishing for your particular group size, length of stay, and desired location. Including Jupiter, Walkers or Grand Cay, Marsh Harbour, Treasure Cay and especially in San Salvador. We have packages to suit every angler, couple or group. Pricing ranges from $500 for a half day fishing in Jupiter to $10,000 for a week in San Salvador.
January, February, March and April will be the prime months for fishing Jupiter or BIG MONSTER WAHOO in San Salvador on the Reel Candy. Although the weather can be extreme, there are many days that are fishable. We do have some calm days in Jupiter during the winter and our 26’ center console is wahoo rigged and ready to go wahoo trolling, making a half or full day wahoo trip easy on the wallet and loaded with excitement.

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You don’t have to wait till cold weather to fish wahoo in Jupiter. Some of our best wahoo catches have been recorded during July, August, and September while fishing during just before and during the full moon.

Catching a wahoo can be the fish of a lifetime. The Reel Candy Team are agents for Gray Taxidermy to preserve your awesome catch.