Tuna Fishing

Tuna Charters

Tuna trips begin in April and we begin looking for the birds. This is usually a good time to hook a blue or white marlin. Dolphin or mahi-mahi, are predominately a by-catch, and can become a nuisance as we troll for yellowfin and blackfin tuna.

Corner Trips

Our tuna trips, commonly referred to as “Corner Trips” are a short 60 mile run as begin our early morning trek. These trips consist of one “long day” runs or the extended 3 fishing day weekend excursion. Yellowfin tuna normally are in the 30 to 50 pounds range, but we have caught some reaching 90 pounds.

Our Corner Trips also include wahoo fishing packages beginning December and go into April. Regular multiple hook-ups and some fish are over 100 pounds. Since the hurricane of 2004 which shut down Walkers, the neighboring island of Grand has been home to fishermen making short trips to the Bahamas from Jupiter, Florida. Walkers Cay serves as an “Entry Clearing” point when entering the Bahamas with a full-time Customs Agent available to welcome visitors.

Rosie’s Place, just 90 miles from Jupiter, Florida, on Grand Cay, offers new cottages, very clean and just a short walk to the end of the dock. Rosie’s Place also serves fine seafood meals in their restaurant and bar. All this at reasonable rates. “All inclusive” fishing packages have been arranged with Reel Candy and Rosie himself to provide your party an easy travel experience.

Three day trips or a long weekend at Rosie’s Place is not only a rewarding fishing experience, but you will relax in a true island fishing atmosphere. The residents of Grand Cay will make you feel at home, and cater to your every need. Call us Reel Candy Sport-fishing for pricing now!

*** Passports are required! The Reel Candy Charter Boat is Bahamian licensed as a foreign charter, and serves as the longest licensed foreign charter service in the Abacos. The Bahamian government requires all US boats fishing as a charter to be inspected and licensed.