Swordfish Charters

Fishing for Swordfish

swordfish-fishing-jupiter-stuart-floridaMany anglers, captains and fishing magazines have voted the swordfish as the toughest adversary to be encountered on rod and reel.
Imagine a fish hooked 400 feet deep, jump in the moonlight and then only seconds later takes your screaming reel down 500 feet. Your fight starts all over again!

In Jupiter, Florida, we have a year round swordfish season and our swordfish grounds are on the average only 20 miles from the Jupiter Inlet, where the Reel Candy Sportfish is docked at the Square Grouper Tiki Bar & Castaway’s Marina.

We do catch some swordfish that are small, but some are in excess of 500 pounds. We always encourage conservation and a healthy release. A 100 pound fish can be quite a battle on 50 pound class tackle. It is not uncommon for Reel Candy anglers to hook a swordfish and fight them for a couple hours.

On the Reel Candy our swordfishing tactics off Jupiter, consist of drift fishing live or dead baits or a combination of live and dead baits. Although large carefully rigged dead squid is the preferred bait, we often use large blue runners, mackerel, or our sailfish favorite goggle eyes. Sometimes the wait is only a few minutes, other times the night drags into morning, but you stand an excellent chance of hooking or catching your swordfish on the Reel Candy on any given night of the year.

The Reel Candy Sportfishing crew, have also developed their own technique to catch swordfish during the day. Using our sponsored Kristal Electric Reels laded with braided line, coupled with heavy weights to reach depths of 2000 feet, we are able to get a bait to the bottom and using the boat keep the bait on or close to the bottom. The swordfish that we have caught during the day are typically larger than your nighttime swords.

Several magazines have featured the angling successes of the Reel Candy Charter fishing crew, including a tournament recap and swordfish article in Marine Max’s Lifestyle Publication and their sponsored World Billfish Tournament.

Join the Reel Candy fishing team in Jupiter, Florida for your swordfishing experience.