Sportfishing Sharks

Catch and Release Shark Fishing

Shark fishing can certainly be electrifying as well as physically demanding. Our Jupiter offshore fishing charter anglers frequently catch:

  • Hammerhead Sharks
  • Mako Sharks
  • Thresher Sharks
  • Bull Sharks
  • Blacktip Sharks

Shark Fishing Jupiter Stuart FloridaThese sharks have evolved for millions of years to dominate the top of the food chain and even with all of man’s technology they still rain supreme in the oceans off Jupiter, Florida. Our Reel Candy crew is experienced with the handling of sharks for your safety and theirs. Our crew has fished with some of the greatest shark hunters including world record holders in multiple line categories of both men and women’s divisions. Local names include, Clark and Connie Balsinger (11 sharks over 1000 pounds), Zack “Zacko” Gerzeny, Greg Dunley, and Chris Watkins.

The Reel Candy team believes in conservation and make every effort to release ALL game fish to fight another day. Your fight will be recorded by our five on board cameras, including two GoPro action cams. At your request our Reel Candy photographer will be on board to help with underwater shots of your trophy.

Most Sharks can be readily caught from bridges, piers, jetties, and beaches without a great deal of expense involved. However fishing from our 47’ luxury sport fish, equipped with a tournament fighting chair will greatly improve your chances of landing a trophy. Our crew will help with all measurements and paperwork for having your trophy preserved for years of viewing pleasure.

It’s challenging, so book NOW and begin the thrill. These creatures strike savagely, make long drag-scorching runs, and in some cases, will explode from the water in a leap worthy of the most highly touted game fish. The Reel Candy team uses light and heavy tackle for shark fishing.

And finally, shark fishing is just plain exciting. You’re targeting a powerful creature with an attitude…a fish that when provoked would rather bite you than eat. And believe me, after being hooked and being brought alongside, they are provoked. It’s an angling “memory that will last a lifetime.”

Book your shark fishing charter NOW on the Reel Candy! We will gladly assist with accommodations in Jupiter, Florida.

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