Sportfishing Sailfish

South Florida Sailfishing

Catching Sailfish aboard Reel Candy Fishing CharterSailfish Alley extending from Jupiter, Florida south to the night lights of Miami, the Reel Candy fishing team joins the search in the most sought after sport fish in the world. Sail fishing in Jupiter, during the winter months is probably the best in the world. Sailfish are very acrobatic and have a tendency to jump and make high speed runs. Challenging your angling skills.

Anglers from all over the world come to Jupiter, Florida just to catch sailfish on the Reel Candy. The season usually runs from November through February and can even last into April. However sails can be caught here during every month of the year. During the winter as cold fronts come down from the north. The sailfish chase the balls of baitfish, which are migrating south. Double digit strikes and often double digit releases of sailfish in one day are not uncommon if the conditions are right.

Sail fishing over the last 10 years has improved tremendously since the inception and use of circle hooks. The Reel Candy fishing team releases ALL billfish. If the sailfish you catch is your first, and you would like to have it mounted, we will measure it, release it, and arrange for a replica to be made of your trophy by a trusted taxidermist.

Although our preferred method to catch sails is with the use of a kite, we often find trolling will produce more bites. We use 20 weight tackle and depending on conditions will fish between 4 to 6 rods. To entice a bite, we will “dredge fish”, pulling as many as 36 or more finely prepared baits on each side of the boat. The dredge is trolled just below the surface, with a hooked dead bait following close behind. The purpose of the dredge is to mimic a school of bait fish. It is not uncommon to have multiple sailfish attack our teaser. Our mates on the Reel Candy will assist and guide you through the hook up, the fight, and the photo session of your fish for ……Memories of a lifetime.

Book your sailfish charter NOW on the Reel Candy! We will gladly assist with accommodations in Jupiter, Florida.