Reel Candy Sportfishing Charters

Fishing Locations

Jupiter, Stuart, Palm Beach, The BahamasReel Candy typically will charter Florida and various parts of the Bahamas. Florida is known as the fishing capital of the world and we are lucky enough to call it home. The Bahamas is truly “island living” with crystal clear waters and plenty of fish. To find out more details about where we will charter sport fishing trips, click the read more button below.

Target Species

Target Species Jupiter, Stuart, Palm Beach, The BahamasReel Candy targets certain species at specific times of the year. We can book a trip at the perfect time to hook you up to the fish species you have always been dreaming of catching. Knowing you have the best shot at catching the fish that you have always wanted to by chartering the Reel Candy will help you relax and prepare for the memories that will last a lifetime. To find out more about the species of fish we target and when the best time to book is, click the read more link below.

Fishing Methods

fishing methods Jupiter, Stuart, Palm Beach, The BahamasCertain fishing methods are much more productive to catching more and bigger fish. We have mastered all the fishing techniques that will get you hooked up to memorable fish. Whether it is high-speed trolling for wahoo, or kite fishing for sailfish, we have the knowledge and ability to get fish hooked.

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