Crew Gratuity

People always ask us about tipping the crew. Tipping is really very simple.

You tip people who have provided specific personal service that enhanced your enjoyment of your charter, proportionately to the personal service and how much it helped you.

A bus driver who herds you and 40 other people through a half day tour gets a couple of bucks. A trail guide who takes you and 8 other people on a full day ride gets substantially more. A captain who gives you and a couple of other guys a wonderful day fishing and brings you home grinning with a bountiful catch and just the best memories… wow, well what is that worth?

Tipping is a wonderful thing when done right and helps us all to have good experiences. If good guides are rewarded and poor ones stiffed, the poor ones soon leave and we have nothing but good guides. However, if people get the idea that a specific amount or percentage MUST be given to every guide, no matter, then tipping loses its purpose and just becomes another expense.
Let the service be your criteria, not some arbitrary percent. This being said our Captain and mates are normally tipped between 15% – 20% of the cost of your charter. They prefer to be tipped in cash upon our safe arrival back at the dock.

So please come prepared to tip your mate as they work their hardest to insure you have a great trip and just the best memories, thank you.